Khruangbin Wraps Up Live Album Series with “Live at Sydney Opera House”

Khruangbin: Live at Sydney Opera HouseKhruangbin wrapped up their 2023 live series of albums with an epic double LP called Live at Sydney Opera House. The band, fronted by bassist/vocalist Laura Lee Ochoa, sold out the iconic Australian venue in November 2022 and delivered a monstrous performance.

“We toured the world for over 18 months when global restrictions just started to slowly lift through the long-anticipated end of regulations,” the band wrote in explaining their live album series. “From our vantage point, to watch people come together through song and dance after a time of unified isolation was truly a spiritual experience. To watch and hear audiences sing along to the songs we released during the pandemic and to feel so loved and well received was unquantifiable. We wanted to find a way to hallmark this journey and decided to do so through a series of live releases that also commemorate the artists who performed with us, as well as the artwork and photography from those shows. It was and is truly a time to remember.”

The trio grooved hard on their original compositions, starting with “The Number 3” and “The Number 4.” Check out Leezy’s swagger and unshakeable bass grooves in this video of “People Everywhere (Still Alive)”:

Khruangbin’s Live at Sydney Opera House is out now on vinyl or as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Live at Sydney Opera House Track List:

  1. The Number 3
  2. The Number 4
  3. August 10 / Master of Life
  4. Two Fish and an Elephant
  5. White Gloves
  6. First Class
  7. So We Won’t Forget
  8. Shida
  9. Friday Morning
  10. Lady and Man
  11. Pelota
  12. Evan Finds the Third Room
  13. Maria Tambien
  14. Time (You and I)
  15. People Everywhere (Shifting Sands Remix)
  16. A Calf Born in Winter
  17. Zionsville

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