Khruangbin Releases “A La Sala”

Khruangbin: A La SalaKhruangbin has been through a lot since their debut album in 2015. As they rose in popularity, their sound began to morph. On their new album, A La Sala, they’re going back to their roots. Bassist Laura Lee says they’re still an instrumental band at heart.

“This doesn’t have to apply to a band, but I think sometimes you’re pulled to things because of various influences around you and you want to do all of those things that you’re pulled to,” she told Elle. “So for us, we got pulled through the industry to do various things throughout our career. We wanted to go back to making music for ourselves and not worry about how other people would receive it. When we started, we didn’t think we would have a band as our career. It was just for fun. The intention behind writing is so different when you’re not writing with pressure or thinking about how the music translates to a festival or any other [external] factor.”

An integral part of Khruangbin’s sound is Lee’s infectious bass lines. Check out the trio vibing on “Hold Me Up (Thank You).”

A La Sala is available now on CD, vinyl, cassette, and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

A La Sala Track List:

  1. Fifteen Fifty-Three
  2. May Ninth
  3. Ada Jean
  4. Farolim de Felgueiras
  5. Pon Pón
  6. Todavía Viva
  7. Juegos y Nubes
  8. Hold Me Up (Thank You)
  9. Caja de la Sala
  10. Three From Two
  11. A Love International
  12. Les Petits Gris

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