John Ferrara: Riches to the Conjurer

We’re super pumped for the release of John Ferrara’s new solo bass album, A Lesson in Impermanence, which is out March 11th. His use of two-handed tapping and other extended techniques are impressive, but the music itself is arresting.

It is, of course, still mesmerizing to see how he does it. He’s just put out a video for “Riches to the Conjurer” which is mind-boggling.

“[The song title is] a reference from one of my favorite horror movies ‘Hereditary,'” he shares. “I wrote this song during a very challenging time when I was living down in Asheville during the first part of quarantine (what a surprise, an artist had a rough emotional time during quarantine and wrote a song about it right??? So original…. ). So naturally, the song has a brooding tone to it. It has a classical-inspired chord progression with a Latin feel and a rhythmic scene change in the middle which is one of the funnest things in the world for me to play.”

If you dig this, be sure to check out his live stream album release party, where he’ll perform the new album in full. It will be on his YouTube channel on March 10th at 8pm Eastern.

A Lesson in Impermanence is available for pre-order through Bandcamp.

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