The Deftones and Sergio Vega Part Ways

Sergio Vega

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After 12 years, it’s been announced that the Deftones and Sergio Vega have officially parted ways. Rumors of the split began several months ago that were then fueled by a band photo without Vega as well as him selling his gear on Reverb. The bassist, who stepped into the role following founder Chi Cheng’s passing, made an Instagram video to clear the air.

“I was also told that similarly to Frank I will be brought in over time to become an official member. I had worked with the band for 12 years, and at the start of every album cycle, I asked about becoming an official member, but the contract would be improved instead,” he wrote. (Video transcribed by “COVID was a breaking point for a lot of people. And I started to question my place In the band, and the future that I wanted for my career. I really started to need something stable, because, at that point, my contract with them was canceled.”

He goes on to state that the band management did not upgrade his contract.

“At that point. It was clear there was no opportunity for growth for me. So I declined the offer. And then I call the guys immediately to see where the miscommunication was to resolve it. But there was no response,” he adds. “A couple of days later, I received an email from their lawyer that their offer was withdrawn, and that they wished me the best. So I left the band in early last year, and since then, I’ve been focused on my band Quicksand, as well as working as a producer and writer for other artists and projects.”

Vega contributed to four of the Deftones’ studio albums: Diamond Eyes, Koi No Yokan, Gore, and Ohms. The Deftones have not publicly responded or announced a replacement bassist for their upcoming tour with Gojira.

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