Bass Profile: Carolina Enriquez of Margaritas Podridas

Margaritas Podridas

Photo by Karl Neudert

Margaritas Podridas is a killer alternative rock band hailing from Hermosillo, Mexico that channels the ferocity of grunge and the melancholy of shoegaze. After releasing a self-titled album last year, the group is hitting the road and heading to the U.S. for a West Coast tour.

We used the opportunity to catch up with bassist/vocalist Carolina Enriquez to get the scoop on her musical start, the rock scene in her hometown, and her touring advice. Be sure to check the tour dates below.

How did you start playing bass?

I started playing bass because everyone in my family played guitar, and my dad was very sexist and told me I sucked when I was just beginning at age 10. I got sick of playing guitar and started using it as a bass until I got a 5-string real bass at age 14 and started joining bands.

Who are your bass influences?

Not proud to admit it but Sid Vicious was one of the first reasons I started playing bass because I liked the Pistols and Glen Matlock’s bass lines were very cool, but I liked Sid’s rebellious character until I grew up and understood he was a violent asshole that very probably killed Nancy. After that I looked after other figures like Lynz from Mindless Self Indulgence because I loved her stage energy, and then of course Krist Novoselic, Darcy from the Pumpkins, Kristen Pfaff from Hole, Tina Weymouth from Talking Heads. I like simple sticky playful bass lines and sick performers.

Is there a big grunge/rock scene in Hermosillo?

There were a lot of punk bands and people who listened to grunge in the 90s but they played punk and are mostly in their fifties now. They still play but only at a local level. Liking Nirvana and other mainstream bands is not considered very punk rock in Mexico. Punks in Mexico tend to listen to bands that sing in Spanish and talk about economic and political issues, ska-punk and reggae are more common.

There weren’t really any other “grunge” bands that I know in Hermosillo besides tribute bands until Rotten Daisies (now Margaritas Podridas) came out. Other teens who also liked grunge and alt-rock started playing live like Buzz Kill, Necromorfo, Anemona Asesina, and then other bands started getting noisier. I think we were seen as gringo wannabes because we liked those bands and most people and even other bands from the community did not take us seriously. Also because of their internalized misogyny, but once we dropped songs in Spanish and showed them we didn’t give a fuck lots of new fans and media started to pay attention.

I admit there is a lot of American culture in grunge and rock in general, but that doesn’t mean Mexicans can’t make it or that we are only allowed to play ska-punk and sing about our shitty government. But yeah grunge bands are mostly tributes, there was a grunge band called Daisy Chain and I think there’s a new band called “Grunsh” now haha.

Does singing and playing together come naturally to you, or do you have a method for working it out?

At first it was hard because commonly the rhythmic patterns of the bass are different from the vocals, but now I’m more used to it. It’s a matter of not giving up. Lots of brain work and coordination.

What gear do you use?

I play a Fender Mustang PJ bass, pedals just a Big Muff fuzz, overdrive and a Bass Clone (chorus).

What is your best advice for touring?

Be strong and ready for heavy duty. And eat well. it depends on your own bodily functions and organism but if you have a very delicate stomach traveling will fuck you up. I recommend having with you chamomile tea, try to eat fruits and greens regularly, drink those powder vitamin c things and multis so you don’t get sick. The list of advice would be too long, but I will simply resume be prepared and give em all you got. The most important thing is to give the best show, don’t lose yourself in drugs and vanity if you can’t give a performance worth paying for.

Any plans to come the East Coast?

We don’t have any dates yet, but we’d love to. Hopefully, during the second semester we are down for anything that comes up. Book us, help us with flights, it is not easy or cheap for Mexican bands to travel to the U.S. We are taking big risks and love the adrenaline of being on the edge but yeah help us out and we’ll be there.

Margaritas Podridas 2022 U.S. Tour Dates:

Apr 1Portland, ORPolaris
Apr 2Seattle, WAFreakout Weekender
Apr 3Tacoma, WANew Frontier
Apr 5Olympia, WACapitol Theater
Apr 7Seattle, WASubstation
Apr 8Bellingham, WABluebird
Apr 9/10San FranciscoThe Knockout

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