Jason Heath: “Chorale” Performance and Breakdown

Our good friend Jason Heath shared a new video yesterday, and I was mesmerized.

Jason has been working on the beautiful (and challenging) Nicholas Walker composition, “Chorale” for four years. He found a tutorial on String Virtuoso and decided to record this video, which includes him playing the piece, then breaking it down.

If you want to hear the performance, skip to the 0:41 mark in the video. For the rest, the timestamps are listed below the video.

  • 0:00: Intro
  • 0:41: my playthrough of Chorale
  • 6:45: critiquing my performance
  • 8:28: Nicholas tutorial – opening thoughts
  • 12:02: Helpful hints for harmonics
  • 17:06: Advice about double stops
  • 24:49: When lower notes are on the higher string
  • 26:04: “Just intonation” and harmonics
  • 30:22: Lunch Break!
  • 30:40: Nicholas’ walkthough of Chorale
  • 42:27: Pizzacato harmonics
  • 48:09: Outro

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  1. Corey! I missed this when you put it out—thanks for posting this, my friend! Hope to see you again in person soon!

  2. I missed this when you posted it. Corey-thanks for the feature and the kind words!!