Groove – Episode #90: Fat Mike

Fat Mike

Photo by Stuart Sevastos

Let’s set the table properly for this podcast: This episode is NSFW. There is a lot of language, sexual content, inappropriate things that are said… and much more. This is all to be expected if you’ve spent any time with Fat Mike from the punk rock band, NOFX. He is candid, real, raw, and doesn’t hold back – on anything (including himself and his own life). Fat Mike (aka Michael John Burkett) is not just the bassist for NOFX, but the lead vocalist, main songwriter, and producer of the band as well.

Since the early 80s, he’s been chugging away and making a racket. Mike is also the owner and founder of Fat Wreck Chords and has made several appearances as Cokie The Clown (also the name of an EP and a solo record that he recorded). He’s written a musical (Home Street Home), founded, has a brand of panties marketed towards men, and his own podcast, Fat Mike’s Fat Mic.

Enjoy the conversation…

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