Afro-Andean Funk Releases Debut, “The Sacred Leaf”

Afro-Andean Funk: The Sacred LeafDuring the process of creating 2019’s The Warrior Women of Afro-Peruvian Music, Matt Geraghty met and recorded with talented musicians from Peru. One of those artists was singer/producer Araceli Poma, and now the duo has released an album called The Sacred Leaf under the band name Afro-Andean Funk.

“Their music expressively mingles a broad spectrum of traditional and modern musical styles such as Afro-pop, Huayno (a popular form of Andean music and dance), electronica, drum and bass, funk, Cumbia (a folkloric music and dance that originated in Colombia) as well as hard rock,” a press release explains. “Lyrics on the album span across different languages like Spanish, Quechua, Haitian-Creole and English as well.”

“I admire the stories, music, and cultures of all the many artists I have been fortunate to work with,” Geraghty adds. “We also know that music has the power to spotlight issues that need more attention – especially relating to marginalized peoples and cultures. That is why we have several compositions featuring Quechua in our music. It’s a language that is disappearing and it’s important to preserve these traditions.”

Geraghty’s bass lines flow with the music. From traditional South American rhythms to classic funk vibes, he’s always right in the pocket. Check out the project with “Agua Del Olvido”:

The Sacred Leaf is available now on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and other streaming platforms.

The Sacred Leaf Track List:

  1. The Sacred Leaf
  2. Spirals of Vision
  3. Agua del Olvido
  4. Luchadora Del Ande
  5. Estereotipos
  6. Hojita de Coca
  7. Me Permito
  8. Eternal Thoughts of You
  9. Me Tienes Esta Noche

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