Genzler Amplification Introduces the Crash Box 4

Genzler Amplification Crash Box 4 Bass Pedal

Genzler Amplification’s lineup of bass pedals has grown again with the Crash Box 4, which they call a classic bass distortion. The all-analog is described as picking up where their last release, the 4 On The Floor, left off.

“While the 4-OTF compares to the smooth, effortless shifting of a syncro-mesh, manual transmission —- the CRASH BOX 4 is reminiscent of the rough shifting, gear grinding, non-syncro straight-cut, gear boxes in vintage off-road vehicles and heavy trucks – often called “heavy metal” vehicles.”

The Crash Box 4 has four distortion types labeled as first through fourth gears. A switch sets the drive sensitivity between low and high while drive and drive volume knobs to dial it in. A Clean volume knob blends in your clean signal. Finally, the pedal has high and low pass filters for tailoring your tone.

Check out the Genzler demo featuring Nate Navarro:

The Genzler Amplification Crash Box 4 is shipping now for $239.99.

Genzler Amplification Crash Box 4 Bass Pedal Features:

Lightweight Aluminum Chassis
Rugged Stomp Switches
Low-noise, Silent Switching Circuitry
High-Pass and Low-Pass Filter (Distortion Engine Only)
4 Position Distortion “Gear” Selector Switch
Parallel Clean Signal Path
High/Low Drive Sensitivity Switch
Accepts Power Supplies From 9VDC - 18VDC (low noise type), Either Polarity (auto detecting) 40mA Max -- (Power Supply Not Included)
Dimensions: 5″W X 4.1″D X 2.3″H
Weight: 1 Lb.

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