Keep It Groovy: All About That Bass

If you’re hanging out with us here at No Treble, you obviously know that it’s all about that bass. It’s our whole modus operandi, really. Now, it’s time to get this bass line under your fingers.

Not only is this a fun tune to play, but it outlines a classic chord progression, the “ii-V-I.” Used in jazz, pop, rock, folk, and plenty of other genres, this chord progression upholds the basic rules of harmony and provides the perfect musical bed for a melody. The groove itself features major and minor arpeggios with just a touch of dissonance.

Enjoy working through this lesson, and keep it groovy!

Ryan Madora is a professional bass player, author, and educator living in Nashville, TN. In addition to touring and session work, she teaches private lessons and masterclasses to students of all levels. Visit her website to learn more!

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