Darkglass Electronics Announces the Microtubes Infinity Pedal

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes Infinity Pedal

Darkglass Electronics has unveiled the latest in their pedal lineup with the Microtubes Infinity, which brings all of their Microtubes circuits – the B3K, Vintage, and X – into one unit. It also sports a built-in multiband compression, selectable cabinet simulation, and a six-band graphic EQ.

The Infinity shares the same design elements as the Darkglass programmable line. Settings can be saved as presets while Bluetooth and and a USB port allow for using the Darkglass Suite to fine-tune your sounds.

“The Microtubes Infinity offers advanced I/O, designed to thrive in both recording and live scenarios,” a press release states. “It offers the choice of a headphone output, XLR DI output, or stereo line outputs. A MIDI input (MIDI-over-1/8″) allows users to externally control parameters. The pedal can also be used as a full audio interface (over USB-C), with four channels of audio in and stereo outputs capable of powering studio monitors.”

The Darkglass Electronics Microtubes Infinity is available now for $599.99.

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes Infinity Pedal Features:

B3K, Vintage, and X Microtubes Circuits
Multiband Compression
Six-band EQ with Touch Sensitive Sliders
Impulse Responses
Mono instrument input (1/4″)
Aux input (1/8″ stereo)
L and R audio outputs (2 x 1/4″)
XLR DI output
Headphone output (1/8″ stereo)
USB-C (Audio interface and Darkglass Suite)
MIDI input (1/8″ TRS)
Bluetooth (audio in and Darkglass Suite)

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