Ringo Starr Returns with “EP3”

Ringo Starr: EP3Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has released his third EP, simply called EP3, on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. The four-song effort focuses on positivity.

“Every song on this EP relates to Peace and Love,” Starr explains. “When I was in the Beatles we started looking at the world in the 60’s and thanks to the hippies a lot of us had a change of mind and peace and love and helping each other and being kind if you can became our goal. So I always look for songs that speak to that and all these songs have the same sentiment just written in a different way. I also love the magic of making a record. I have a lot of fun and I am open minded, and it’s great to see what happens.”

EP3 has a cast of talented players with guest appearances by Steve Lukather, Linda Perry, Dave Koz, José Antonio Rodriguez, and Bruce Sugar.

While “World Go Round” doesn’t feature a bassist, the remaining tracks are anchored by session aces. “Everyone and Everything” has Billy Mohler, who has also worked with artists from Lady Gaga to Steven Tyler, providing the bass. The two remaining tracks are supported by Nathan East, whose résumé is a laundry list of pop hits.

Check out East on “Let’s Be Friends”:

EP3 is out now on CD and digitally (iTunes and Amazon MP3). Vinyl and cassette versions will be available in November.

EP3 Track List:

  1. World Go Round
  2. Everyone and Everything
  3. Let’s Be Friends
  4. Free Your Soul (feat. Dave Koz and José Antonio Rodriguez)

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