The Aristocrats Release “Duck”

The Aristocrats: DuckThe Aristocrats have returned with their fifth studio album, entitled Duck. Each member of the trio contributed three compositions to the effort, which is their first concept album.

“We’ve always been writing with a storytelling aspect in mind, and our live shows always include our stories behind the songs,” the band shares. “But the stories had mainly been about us. Then Marco came into the studio with a song about a duck, and we were all looked at each other and said, ‘What if all of stories for the songs on this album…happened to a duck? What’s that story about?’ And suddenly we had a concept album on our hands.”

Bryan Beller is, of course, in top form on the record. He delivers creative and hard-grooving lines to fill out the low end.

Check out his work on “Aristoclub”:

Duck is out now on CD, vinyl, and deluxe boxset through the Aristocrats website. Downloads are available via Bandcamp and Amazon).

The Aristocrats are currently on tour to support the album. Check below for their full tour dates.

Duck Track List:

  1. Hey, Where’s MY Drink Package?
  2. Aristoclub
  3. Sgt. Rockhopper
  4. Sittin’ With A Duck On A Bay
  5. Here Come the Builders
  6. Muddle Through
  7. Slideshow
  8. And Then There Were Just Us/Duck’s End
  9. This Is Not Scrotum

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