Walrus Audio Introduces the Eons Five-State Fuzz Pedal

Walrus Audio Eons PedalWalrus Audio has introduced a new fuzz pedal called the Eons. The pedal has five selectable fuzz textures for delivering “massively thick sounds.”

Its control set begins with a voltage knob that you can use to adjust the internal voltage. It can go as high as 18 volts for bigger open fuzz sounds or down to just three volts for a “spatty, gated fuzz.”

From there, the five fuzz states are selected: Silicon soft clipping, Silicon clipping with a bass boost, Germanium soft clipping, LED clipping diodes with a slight high cut, and hard clipping silicon transistors combined with LED and silicon soft clipping diodes. That last setting is described as the “rowdiest of the modes with tons of gain: compressed, loud, and angry.”

The Eons also has Volume and Gain knobs with Bass and Treble EQ controls. Hear it in this demo on guitars as well as bass:

The Walrus Audio Eons is shipping now for $229.

Walrus Audio Eons Five-State Fuzz Pedal Features:

Power: 9V DC, center negative, 100mA min
Voltage Control - 3V to 18V
Five Fuzz States
Bass and Treble Controls

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