Walrus Audio Adds Tuner Pedal to Canvas Lineup

Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner

Walrus Audio has expanded their Canvas line of utility pedals to include the Canvas Tuner. Housed in a thick aluminum enclosure, the new unit has a bright 2.8-inch TFTLCD display for visibility in nearly any stage lighting.

The Canvas Tuner has Needle Mode and Strobe mode with a Tune Assist, which blinks as your note is in tune. Its display can orient in any direction to give you options to mount it vertically or horizontally on your pedalboard. Other features include alternate tuning presets, relay and buffered bypass options, multiple color modes, and the ability for firmware updates thanks to a USB-C port.

The Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner is out now for $148.99.

Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Features:

Tune in needle and strobe modes
2.8” TFT LCD display• Offers multiple screen orientations to fit any board layout
Greater than ±0.1 cent accuracy
Flat frequency from 20Hz to 20KHz
Tune assist mode for quick & easy tuning
Alternate tuning presets
Relay and buffered bypass options
Adjustable brightness making it easy to read in various environments
Multiple color modes to customize your tuner’s look
Firmware updatable with USB-C via walrusaudio.io

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