Acorn Amps Unveils the ADHD Filter Synth Fuzz Pedal

Acorn Amps ADHD Pedal

Acorn Amps has unveiled the ADHD, a pedal they say defies categorization. ADHD is an acronym for Adaptive Droning Hyperfuzz Device, and Acorn says the pedal is a “glitch, filter, bit crushing, octave, square wave guitar synth oscillator disguised as a fuzz pedal.” Its circuitry includes an adjustable square wave and a fuzz circuit for interactive tones on bass or guitars.

“8-bit vintage videogame tones become searing octave leads with the turn of the five control knobs on board the ADHD, and the synth noise oscillator can be controlled using an external expression pedal or tuned by hand with the Frequency knob,” they write. “The Acorn ADHD is assembled using a voltage-controlled timer that blends with the gain control of an LM386 amplifier IC chip to produce interactive and layered bit crushed octave-up-and-down fuzz tones that can be sculpted even further along the frequency bandwidth with the tone/filter control.”

Other features include True Bypass and standard 9V DC pedal power. The Acorn Amps ADHD is available now for $149.

Acorn Amps ADHD Pedal Features:

Five shapable controls to design your own fuzzy, synth-y soundscapes
Expression jack to control the oscillation circuit externally
Balance control to blend the synth oscillator with the fuzz circuit
Pedalboard-friendly compact design assembled in a 1590B aluminum enclosure
True bypass and powered by standard 9V DC pedal power. Consumes less than 30mA of current

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