Tech 21 Introduces Geddy Lee YYZ Shape-Shifter Signature SansAmp Pedal

Tech 21 Geddy Lee YYZ Shape-shifter Signature SansAmp PedalTech 21 has added a new piece of gear to their Geddy Lee Signature lineup with the YYZ Shape-shifter Signature SansAmp. The pedal has the same feature set as the limited edition Geddy Lee MP40 model, which swiftly sold out, but has its own cosmetics to preserve the special run of the MP40.

“The all-analog YYZ Shape-shifter SansAmp builds upon the original YYZ pedal with the addition of a selectable Boost stomp switch that provides a 12dB presence boost for increased top-end distortion,” Tech 21 writes. “Engaging the Shape-shifter button adds 6dB of Schmegilka on top, which, according to Geddy, ‘is an indefinable thing of awesomeness!’”

The YYZ Shape-Shifter also has a mix control for dialing in your clean and dirty signal ratio, a tight button for added definition, a drive control, and an active 3-band EQ.

It will be shipping soon with a street price of $249.

Tech 21 Geddy Lee YYZ Shape-shifter Signature SansAmp Pedal Features:

All Analog SansAmp Technology
Mix Control
Tight Button
Boost/Shape-Shifter Selectable Boost Function
Drive Control
3-Band EQ
Master Volume
Power: 9V alkaline battery or optional DC power supply

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