Marcelo Yakko Releases “El Viaje Infinito”

Marcelo Yakko: El Viaje InfinitoMarcelo Yakko is back with a new solo album called El Viaje Infinito (“Infinite Journey”), featuring nine original instrumental tracks. The bassist recorded it with bass, drums, and keyboards. The lack of guitars opens room for Yakko to take melodies with the bass as well as more chordal work.

Much of the album is aggressive in nature, leaning toward hard rock. Yakko gets an array of textures for his melodies from the use of fretless bass as well as extended techniques.

Check out his playthrough for “Power Tango,” which he calls a mix of heavy rock with the music of Buenos Aires. It even features bandoneon for an Argentinian flair as Yakko covers the bass line and harmony with tapping lines.

El Viaje Infinito is streaming now on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and more.

El Viaje Infinito Track List:

  1. El Viaje Infinito
  2. Mister Harris
  3. Power Tango
  4. La Isla de los Milagros
  5. Entre la Calma y la Furia
  6. Línea Plana
  7. Corazón de Robot
  8. Liberación

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