Marcelo Yakko: Boomerang

Marcelo Yakko released his latest album, Boomerang, earlier this year. He just shared a video of the title track.

I’ve always enjoyed Marcelo’s music, including his collaboration with Stu Hamm from one of my favorite albums, Pulse.

This new album is right up there.

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  1. Henry K Ngema

    Fantastic! Brings to my mind, the history of the creation (original) creation of mankind – out there in the forest called ‘Garden of Eden’! The beauty, abundance of space, utmost freedom and cordial relationship among everything therein, trees, animals, breeze, man and ‘music’ – although ‘music’ is not mentioned in the processes of ‘creation’ but the ‘mix’ now is brilliant!!! = To me!!! Freedom of movement – unhindered, unrestricted carefree and all stuff!!!

    • Marcelo Yakko

      Henry!! thanks my friend! searchme in insta or fb too! cool words and feelings!

  2. Marcelo Yakko

    Gracias NO TREBLE por postear el video!
    Thanks! family of NO TREBLE ! hugs!

  3. Marcelo Yakko

    Gracias amigos! Thanks friends!

  4. Quique Quagliano

    Felicitaciones, Marcelo! Y un gracias enorme por permitirme estar cerca de este proyecto. Abrazo, Maestro!

    • Marcelo Yakko

      Gracias a vos Quique querido por escribir y narrar “Islas” track 4 del album.