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  • Marcelo Yakko: Summer Loop

    Marcelo Yakko: Summer Loop

    I always enjoy receiving new videos from Marcelo Yakko, and he once again showed me why with his latest, “Summer Loop.” Marcelo describes it as a “Simple theme with idea of development for loop… that belongs to a collection I will present in video clips … only with the electric bass and the loopera.” The... »

  • Marcelo Yakko: Love of My Life

    Marcelo Yakko: Love of My Life

    Our good friend Marcelo Yakko shared his latest video with us, and it is beautiful. Marcelo took Queen’s “Love of My Life” and turned it into this amazing solo bass piece. Enjoy. »

  • Marcelo Yakko: Jingle Bass

    Marcelo Yakko: Jingle Bass

    Marcelo Yakko is a great guy (and a terrific bass player too). He shared this video with us, saying “A Christmas song to send good wishes and positive energy.” You know the tune, and Marcelo’s energy is infectious on this arrangement for two basses. Be sure to check out the outtakes at the end. »

  • Coffee Break Grooves: Marcelo Yakko Jam

    Coffee Break Grooves: Marcelo Yakko Jam

    The music of bassist Marcelo Yakko is on heavy rotation in my library. I just spotted this great video of him jamming along to one of the Coffee Break Grooves backing tracks, and it knocked me out like so much of his music. Marcelo is jamming to the track “Chill 1-2”, which you can get... »

  • Marcelo Yakko Releases “Loop Life”

    Marcelo Yakko Releases “Loop Life”

    Argentine bassist Marcelo Yakko has released his fourth solo album, Loop Life. Musically, the 15-track album reveals a musician who incorporates a wide range of his influences, from jazz fusion, to progressive rock, to more traditional Latin sounds. Conceptually, Yakko told us that the “message tries to capture the diverse moments and stages faced by... »

  • Marcelo Yakko & Stuart Hamm: Arpegius Love

    Marcelo Yakko & Stuart Hamm: Arpegius Love

    Bassist Marcelo Yakko sent us this wonderful tune he wrote and recorded on his album, Pulse. As a bonus, the great Stuart Hamm plays on the track as well, including taking a solo. Marcelo indicates through the video which bassist is taking the lead. Such a great tune, with double the bass goodness. Check out... »