DiMarzio Introduces Relentless J Pair Bass Pickups

DiMarzio Relentless J Pair Bass Pickups

DiMarzio has improved and expanded on their Relentless line of pickups, which they created in collaboration with bass icon Billy Sheehan. Originally featuring a single split-coil model, the series now includes the Relentless P and the Relentless J. Sheehan’s contribution to the Relentless was in its cover shape.

“Designed with Billy, we removed all the right-angled edges from a standard P Bass pair, curved the tops to match the fingerboard/string radius, and changed the mounting to a robust 1/8” circuit board that eliminates protruding mounting screws,” the company explains.

While the split coil design was already in place, the Relentless J is a brand-new addition. They continue the same design idea from the original Relentless by removing hard edges from their standard J Bass pickup while adding an arch to the top of the pickup to bring the pole pieces closer to the strings. DiMarzio says the upgrades increase the pickup’s dynamic range.

“We invented (patent pending) parallelogram-shaped coils to add dimension, punch, and dynamics to the Relentless™ J sound, and we incorporated metal covers with foil-shielded cables to further suppress the background noise,” they add. “To improve the balance when both pickups are used together, we made the bridge position pickup louder than the neck position pickup. When the pickups are blended, you get a better volume match.”

The DiMarzio Relentless J pickups are available now in several metal finishes. Individual neck or bridge pickups start at $109, and the J Pair starts at $209.

DiMarzio Relentless J Pair Bass Pickups Specs:

Recommended For:Neck and bridge
Quick Connect:No
Wiring:4 Conductor
Resistance:6.97 Kohm
Finishes:Gloss Black Metal, Nickel, Gold

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