Jan Rivera with Jordan Rudess, Marco Minnemann, and Mohini Dey: Can’t Fight Who You Are

Existential Paranoia may be the debut LP from Puerto Rican progressive guitarist Jan Rivera, but it’s far from a novice effort. He called in the big guns to fulfill his musical vision with guests like Gary Husband, Nilli Brosh, Chad Wackerman, and more.

To celebrate the release, he’s posted a home studio video for the song “Can’t Fight Who You Are,” which features an all-star lineup with keyboardist Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater, drummer Marco Minnemann from The Aristocrats, and all-around bass badass Mohini Dey.

The song starts with a Zappa-esque unison line that even Minnemann plays on the drums. The quartet then drops into a furious groove that keeps Dey’s fingers flying. Things cool off at the 2:28 mark, during which she takes an incredible solo.

Existential Paranoia is available now on Bandcamp.

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  1. Tubby Highwaters

    very kool! which program are you using to play together via the internet?