Bass of the Week: Unicorn Bass Purist

Unicorn Bass Purist

Roger Hedin shared his brand new bass with us, and it’s a beauty. Built by Swedish luthier Christian Olsson, this Unicorn Bass Purist was customized for Hedin’s preferences and specs.

“I hand-picked the body wood in his workshop by tapping on different bits and pieces til I found the one that sang to me: a nice piece of mahogany,” he told us. “The neck is a maple-purpleheart-maple laminate capped with a nice ebony board. Asymmetrical neck profile to my liking, not too thin, but rather meaty. All hardware is Hipshot; no plastic parts are used. The pickups are epoxied in shells made from the same woods you find in the bass. The nut too. All passive, volume, balance, tone, and a three-way coil switch for each pickup. 34″ scale and 18 mm spacing at the bridge.”

As if all the beautiful craftsmanship wasn’t enough, Hedin picked British Racing Green with a hint of metallic for the finish.

Unicorn Bass Purist Specs:

Neck Profile:Asymmetrical
Pickups:Unicorn QUAD pickups
Controls:Volume, Balance, Tone, Coil Taps for Each Pickup
Bridge Spacing:18mm
Finish:British Racing Green

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  1. Joe

    I am now an older player and come from the sixty’s playing older guitars but what theses guys come up with are fantastic instruments . When I pickup a bass it could be old or new it’s what and makes Yu play is the best. Always learning something new