Groove – Episode #97: Clay Gober

Clay Gober

It’s hard to wrap your ears around the mind-bending instrumental music of Polyphia. Since the band’s inception in 2010, the Plano, Texas musicians have run the gamut and blended genres from progressive rock to hip-hop and are widely regarded as the next wave of heavy guitar-centric metal. But all of these definitions pale in comparison to what you sonically take in when listening to their music.

Look no further than their latest release, Remember That You Will Die, and – while you’re at it – check out the video for the song, “Ego Death” (which features a heart-warming cameo by Guitar God, Steve Vai). Holding down the groove in Polyphia is Clay Gober.

Gober is truly a master of his craft. With a deep understanding and a passion for pure, unadulterated bass playing, Clay has made a name for himself as a performer to be reckoned with. Blending his technical prowess with a fresh, forward-thinking approach to bass playing, Clay’s musicianship is always on full display, making him a must-see for lovers of technical and creative bass playing.

Enjoy the conversation…

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