Remco Hendriks: Fretless Harmonic Slide Funk Rock Bass Groove

Remco Hendriks is back with another fantastic video. He puts his fretless Cortex bass to work on this cool harmonic slide funk groove.

“Fretless fun with sliding harmonics, double stops, heavy fingerstyle, palm muting and other groovy stuff on my Cortex bass,” Remco shared. “To slide a fretless harmonic you just have to push it down and let your fingers and imagination go, so much fun! I’m digging in hard at parts to make the bass rattle, love that natural gain of just strings and wood vibrating without frets. Going a bit wild towards the end with some improv and palm muting, my videos are realtime performances without edits so what you see is what you get. I pick out the take with most feel and attitude above a flawless one, expression is key. No plugins were used, just bass, amp and pedals. Some volume leveling is done in mixing, I also added a few drum crashes and fills after the performance since I always improvise a bit on these pieces, besides that, I aim to keep things as pure and transparent as possible.”

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