Origin Effects Unveils the DCX Bass Tone Shaper and Drive Pedal

Origin Effects DCX Bass Tone Shaper and Drive PedalOrigin Effects has unveiled two new pedals inspired by the iconic UA 610 recording preamp. The DCX Boost and DCX Bass are tone shaper and drive pedals catering to guitar and bass players, respectively, that offer vintage analog tones with precision EQ.

“From subtle boosts and tone-tweaking to fuzz-like “cranked console” saturation, these pedals enhance anything that passes through the circuit, just like you’d expect from a great retro recording preamp,” Origin states in a press release.

The DCX has two modes – OD and EQ – to offer a wide range of gain, from clean boosts to “edge-of-breakup” and low-gain drives. Its EQ mode has Origin’s Adaptive Circuitry, which they say allows the top-end response to stay completely flat, set clean, and a subtle treble roll-off as it begins to overdrive. OD mode keeps the treble roll-off active at all times.

More general tone shaping is had with the Voice switch, which has DRK, Flat, and MED settings to adjust the roll-off amount.

Hear the pedal in action with Origin’s product introduction video:

The Origin Effects DCX Bass Tone Shaper and Drive is available now for $319.

Origin Effects DCX Bass Tone Shaper and Drive Pedal Features:

Inspired by the iconic UA 610 preamp
EQ and OD modes provide a versatile gain range
EQ controls designed for maximum clarity
Adaptive Circuitry responds to playing dynamics
Voice control fine-tunes treble response
Ultra-high input impedance
High-quality buffered bypass
Premium components throughout
Designed and built in England

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