Ampeg Announces Limited Edition Blue Micro-VR Stack

Ampeg Limited Edition Blue Micro-VR StackAmpeg has unveiled a new limited edition version of their Micro-VR Stack sporting a custom blue Tolex and black grille. The 200-watt rig’s cabinet features the same sealed Infinite Baffle design found in the classic SVT 8×10 cab. Inside is a pair of Eminence 10-inch speakers

“Together, the rig offers authoritative, fundamental-rich tone ideal for small gigs, rehearsals, apartment living, and bleed-sensitive recording situations,” Ampeg writes.

The head unit has a switchable -15db input pad followed by knobs for its gain, three-band EQ, and volume. Ampeg also fits it with a balanced XLR output, headphone output, and an auxiliary input.

The Ampeg Micro-VR Stack Limited Edition Blue is shipping soon for $799.99.

Ampeg Micro-VR Head Features:

200 Watts
Solid-state preamp
MOSFET power amp
Balanced XLR output
Headphone out, Aux in
Switching power supply
9.9 lb (4.5 kg)

Ampeg SVT-210AV Cabinet Features:

2x10 Eminence Custom Designed (sealed cabinet)
200 Watts
8 Ohms
15mm Poplar-ply construction
25.9 lb (11.7 kg)

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