Stu Hamm Talks “Hold Fast”

Stu Hamm

Stu Hamm was a recent guest on Ultimate Guitar’s “On The Record.” (Check the full interview here). The bass legend discussed his upcoming album, Hold Fast, and shared stories about his career and work.

Stu described Hold Fast as a departure from his last solo record and an opportunity to record with familiar musicians.

“My main touring band has been Alex Skolnick on guitar and Joel Taylor on drums. And surprisingly, Joel and I have recorded a lot on other people’s records, but I’ve never had them on one of my records. And Alex and I have crazily never recorded together. So I wanted to capture us live in the studio for some songs. And I also wanted to do more of a prog-rock record. I grew up listening to Yes and all that stuff. And I met another guitar player that did a tour with me, a great singer named Randy McStine, who now plays guitar with Porcupine Tree and has a great voice. So I thought I’d write some prog rock songs based on some musical ideas that I’d had floating around for a while. And that was the impetus.”

Stu also shared his thoughts on the state of making an album today and why he chose to do the Indiegogo campaign.

Note: Corey Brown, No Treble’s founder, is also Head of Editorial for Muse Group and Ultimate Guitar

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