Scott Devine: Breaking Down Jaco Pastorius’s “Modern Electric Bass” Opening Bass Riff

Most (if not all) of us have watched Jaco Pastorius’s Modern Electric Bass video with Jerry Jemmott.

The riff Jaco plays in the opening credits is an incredible one. Scott Devine breaks it down in this video.

Here’s a breakdown of the topics:

  • 00:00: Introduction, the long-lost riff
  • 01:02: Modern Electric Bass by Jaco Pastorius
  • 01:53: Last chance to join the Jazz Accelerator
  • 02:37: 16th Note Funk
  • 03:56: The Main Riff
  • 06:59: Dynamics & Articulation
  • 08:04: Accenting Exercise
  • 09:37: Last round of the main riff
  • 10:43: Ending Lick
  • 12:48: Jaco Pastorius’ Legacy

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