SPEED Designs Introduces the SPEED Frame Pedalboard System

SPEED Frame Pedalboard System with Wood

SPEED Designs has just released the SPEED frame, a pedalboard frame that has a BYOW policy: Bring Your Own Wood. The system is includes a pair of CNC-machined aluminum ends, allowing you to customize the size of your pedalboard.

“Custom build of a pedalboard with the SPEED frame literally takes only minutes to assemble. Just purchase the wood from any lumber supplier and have them cut it to the desired length,” SPEED writes. “Most lumber suppliers today offer precision cutting service for their customers.”

SPEED Frame Pedalboard System

The company adds that you can change out the wood for different sizes as needed or paint or stain the wood to fit your aesthetic. The SPEED frame is designed and made in Canada. It’s available now for $69.

SPEED Designs SPEED Frame Features:

Made in Canada
CNC-Machined Aluminum
Adjustable Size by Supplying Your Own Wood
Comes complete with assembly screws and full assembly instructions

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