Viktor Krauss Teams Up with Jeff Coffin and Jordan Perlson for Trio Album

Jeff Coffin, Jordan Perlson and Viktor Krauss: Coffin/Perlson/KraussBass great Viktor Krauss has graced many albums with his otherworldly tone, and now we bassists have another one to cherish. He’s just teamed up with Dave Matthews Band saxophonist and drummer Jordan Perlson to release Coffin/Perlson/Krauss. The trio began performing together in 2020.

“I needed a bassist to fill in for someone on a trio gig, and I reached out to Viktor,” Coffin explains. “I was pleasantly surprised he was available, as he’s usually incredibly busy due to his touring and studio commitments. He’s long been one of my favorite bassists, and his tone and feel are like no other I’ve ever heard.”

“There is a special musical chemistry that permeates with Jordan and Jeff that generates a sum greater than its parts,” Krauss says of the project.

In fact, they all agree that the way their musical sounds fit together is the key to the project. Hear about the collaboration from all three members:

Krauss opens the album with his bass line for “On The Precipice of Change.” As the trio formed in 2020, they created a social pod to be able to get together to play. Naturally, this song speaks to the current times we’re in.

“I felt some kind of tipping point that we were all falling into,” Coffin says. “Vik is the rock on this tune, and we kind of tether to him for stability. It’s a deeply emotional tune, and Jordan’s playing reminds me of the profound legends of the drums in the way he pulls rhythm and feel from his instrument.”

Coffin/Perlson/Krauss is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Coffin/Perlson/Krauss Track List:

  1. On the Precipice of Change
  2. Moonchild
  3. Say It Seems
  4. Quiet
  5. A Handful of Beans
  6. Rusty Fortune
  7. Overcast
  8. Su Filindeu #6
  9. Here to Be Me

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  1. wow, this is amazing. Definitely getting the album!