Pascal Lovergne Releases Solo Acoustic Bass Guitar EP, “Palace Sessions”

Pascal Lovergne: Palace SessionsPascal Lovergne is a bassist who’s played many styles of music like jazz, pop, world music, and more. He’s just released a new EP called Palace Sessions that takes stock of his musical experiences with compositions for solo acoustic bass guitar. Each track blends improvisation and composition to create “an immersive experience between jazz and world music.”

“Using only a bass guitar and a single microphone, these sessions are the fruit of a long-time search inspired by French composer Pierre Vasseur’s ‘Relevant contours’ principle,” Lovergne shares. “The five tracks evoke California, ragas, blues, and India, taking the listener through a unique travel and soundscape.”

Hear the album’s intimate sound on “Le pas de l’ours”:

Palace Sessions is available now via Bandcamp.

Palace Sessions Track List:

  1. La neige d’Elliott Beach
  2. Le pas de l’ours
  3. Mystic mode
  4. Le Havre des pas
  5. Home again

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