Ciara Moser Releases Debut Album, “Blind. So What?”

Ciara Moser: Blind. So What?Ciara Moser has been blind since birth, and that part of her identity is at the center of her debut album, Blind. So What? The modern jazz fusion efforts features Moser tearing it up on a six-string Fodera over compositions exploring topics that blind people face such as “the art of memorization, spatial sense for orientation, trusting others, and the different perceptions that blind people have on the world.”

Moser was born in Ireland and raised in Austria, where she picked up the bass at fourteen years old. She studied hard and graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna before receiving a master’s degree from the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, where she was mentored by Danilo Perez.

It was here that she met many of the musicians on the album. Blind. So What? Has Moser joined by vocalist Lumanyano MZI, percussionists Juan Sebastian Sanchez and George Lernis, keyboardists Warren Pettey, Stephanie Weninger and Anastassiya Petrova, guitarists Amaury Cabral, Liam Garcia and Isaac Romagosa, saxophonists Salim Charvet, Shahar Amdor and Lihi Haruvi, lead vocalists Aditi Malhotra and Nishant Shekar, backing vocalists Masa Vujadinovic and Shivaraj Natraj.

Check out this studio performance of “Different Ability Pt. 1,” which Moser composed to reflect a specific time for those who are blind.

“[‘Different Ability’ is] dedicated to the moment of realization that something is different, and we are being treated differently while entering school, kindergarten and growing up as a blind person,” she writes.

Blind. So What? Is available now digitally through iTunes, Amazon MP3, and more.

Blind. So What? Track List:

  1. Intro (Screen Reader)
  2. I Trust
  3. Memory
  4. The Call To See Beyond
  5. Different Ability, Pt 1
  6. Different Ability, Pt 2
  7. Humanity (intro)
  8. Humanity
  9. Developing Senses
  10. Sixth Sense
  11. Traveling
  12. The Lady With A Green Cane

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