Khruangbin and Friends Release “Live at Stubb’s”

Khruangbin: Live at Stubb'sKhruangbin has released the first of their new five-part live album series, and they’re kicking it off with music from a special set from Austin, Texas. Live At Stubb’s documents the band’s evolving live sound while showcasing some of their musical friends.

“We toured the world for over 18 months, when global restrictions just started to slowly lift through the long anticipated end of regulations,” the band shared. “From our vantage point, to watch people come together through song and dance after a time of unified isolation was truly a spiritual experience. To watch and hear audiences sing along to the songs we released during the pandemic and to feel so loved and well received was unquantifiable. We wanted to find a way to hallmark this journey and decided to do so through a series of live releases that also commemorate the artists who performed with us, as well as the artwork and photography from those shows. It was and is truly a time to remember.”

The album’s first half features guest artists Kelly Doyle, Ruben Moreno, The Suffers, and Robert Ellis before Laura Lee and Khruangbin get their groove on.

Check Lee’s hypnotic bass and vocals on “People Everywhere (Still Alive)”:

Live At Stubb’s is available now on vinyl or digitally via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Live At Stubb’s Track List:

  1. Kelly Doyle – Woman Trouble
  2. Ruben Moreno – At The Trailride
  3. The Suffers – Don’t Bother Me
  4. Robert Ellis – Nobody Smokes Anymore
  5. Khruangbin – Blind Man Can See It / (It’s Not The Express) It’s The Monaurail
  6. Khruangbin – Bin Bin
  7. Khruangbin – Friday Morning
  8. Khruangbin – Number 4
  9. Khruangbin – People Everywhere (Still Alive)

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