Is Les Claypool Gearing Up To Sell Whamolas?


Get your wallets ready, because it looks like Les Claypool is gearing up for a release. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, it looks like he’ll be selling a production version of the Whamola.

Claypool shared a cryptic post on Instagram stating “The Whamolas are coming…” accompanied by photos of multiple Whamolas. No further details have been released, but the comment section lit up with excitement.

The Whamola is a one-stringed bass instrument that’s a sort of descendent of the washtub bass. It’s played by pulling a lever to adjust the pitch while striking the string with a drum stick. Claypool famously uses it with his Fearless Flying Frog Brigade on the song “Whamola.”

We’ll keep you updated with more details as they become available.

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  1. Greywoulf

    Oh yeah, I’d really want one of those, right? ~For what, ~$400?, ~$500?, ~$700??
    ~Y’know you could get the same sounds and effects by hitting sticks against some inexpensive chocks or bells, right?
    Besides, it’s already been invented Les; it’s called a Berimbau…
    For a single string bass I’d stick with the tried and true homemade wash tubber. ~It’s pitch can be changed simply by fret-pressing with a finger, and I imagine you could beat it with a stick too if that’s what you wanted to do…

  2. Joe Sheil

    Sign me up!

  3. James

    If it’s new and different….I’ll give’r a try….it’s an odd duck…like a Chapman stick in a way.
    Maybe someone will come out with a bass lapsteel next….

    • Martin

      Buddy of mine is a musician who does estate sales for his real job. Stumbled across a Chapman Stick a few months back and bought it for a song. It’s always fun seeing his finds but that was a really cool one to see.

  4. James Zak

    Is that what he played on Jilly’s on Smack at Bonnaroo?

  5. Jesse Burky

    This is a Glorious idea
    I’ve seen the Whamolas in action plenty of times and would absolutely love to Express myself on it ??

  6. Claypool for president