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  • Zander Zon: Resistance

    Zander Zon: Resistance

    Zander Zon took Muse’s “Resistance” and arranged it for two basses (one fretted and one fretless). As always, Zander’s arrangement and performance skills are on full display. »

  • Jeff Berlin: Shenandoah

    Jeff Berlin: Shenandoah

    Jeff Berlin recently shared this video on Facebook, and it knocked me out. “While filming some lesson videos, I decided to improvise a rendition of the American classic, ‘Shenandoah,'” he shared. “Recently, I’ve been improvising tunes on the bass that I know in my head but haven’t worked out. I am curious to see what... »

  • Zander Zon: Where Is My Mind

    Zander Zon: Where Is My Mind

    Zander Zon is back with another incredible solo bass arrangement. This time around, he tackles the Pixies’ tune “Where Is My Mind,” which is featured in the final scene and credits of Fight Club. »

  • Emanuele Zazzara: Daredevil Theme for 4 Basses

    Emanuele Zazzara: Daredevil Theme for 4 Basses

    Emanuele Zazzara sent us his 4-bass arrangement of the theme for the popular Marvel show, “Daredevil.” I’m a huge nerd when it comes to these comic book-based shows, so I was excited to hear an all-bass arrangement of the main theme. »

  • Zander Zon: Halo

    Zander Zon: Halo

    It is always great to see a new video from Zander Zon. In this clip, Zander plays an arrangement of Beyoncé’s “Halo.” “It’s dedicated to my girlfriend, as she just had a birthday. Her favourite artist is Beyoncé and Halo is a beautiful song, so I’m hoping she likes it (TBH this video is not... »

  • Karl Clews: Chameleon

    Karl Clews: Chameleon

    We’ve seen a few bassists take Herbie Hancock’s class tune, “Chameleon” and turn it into a solo bass performance. Karl Clews took it up a notch with a three-bass arrangement, using his 2003 Status Graphite Kingbass Artist. Funky! »

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  • Leland Nelson: Scoop (All Bass Arrangement)

    Leland Nelson: Scoop (All Bass Arrangement)

    No Treble reader Leland Nelson sent us this video of an all-bass arrangement he worked on of Marcus Miller’s “Scoop,” from Miller’s Master of All Trades DVD. “Basses include a Fender Marcus Miller Signature, a Conklin GT-7, and an upright I borrowed from DePauw University where I currently attend,” Leland shared. »

  • Diego Tarantino: Overjoyed

    Diego Tarantino: Overjoyed

    Diego Tarantino sent us another one of his excellent solo bass covers. This time around, Diego performs Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed,” using two bass tracks. »

  • Brad Russell: Steve Vai’s “The Attitude Song” on Bass

    Brad Russell: Steve Vai’s “The Attitude Song” on Bass

    Guitarist Steve Vai is known for his insane playing and fireworks on the instrument. Brad Russell decided to tackle Vai’s style by playing the guitar part to “The Attitude Song” on his four-string bass. From the pinch harmonics to the crazy whammy bar work, Russell brings the fire from the low end. »

  • Zander Zon: Castle on the Hill

    Zander Zon: Castle on the Hill

    Zander Zon and his fretless bass are back with another fantastic solo bass cover. In this clip, Zander performs his arrangement of Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill.” Enjoy. »