Phil Jones Bass Introduces Double Four Micro Combo Bass Amps

Phil Jones Bass has introduced the Double Four, a new 70-watt combo micro-amp that is roughly the size of a shoebox. Sporting a pair of Neo Power 4-inch drivers, the Double Four features a new driver design, acoustic loading, and separate PWM amplifiers for each speaker.

Phil Jones Bass Double Four Micro Combo Bass Amps

The backs of the speakers are loaded with a Rectangular Auxiliary Low Freqency Radiator (RALFR®), which is a radiator that operates at low bass frequencies. The company explains that this augments the output of the speakers from 30 to 150Hz. Controls on the amp include a switchable high gain input or low gain stage, a mute switch, a 3-band EQ, a headphone output, and a Line Out.

The Phil Jones Bass Double Four will be available in April with an MSRP of $529 and projected street price of $449. For more info, check out the Phil Jones website.

Phil Jones Bass Double Four Micro Combo Bass Amp Specifications:

Phil Jones BG-75 White with amp

  • Power Output: 70 watt
  • Speaker: 2 x PJB NeoPower 4 inch speakers
  • Rectangular Auxiliary Low Frequency Radiator (RALFR®)
  • Switchable high gain input OR low gain stage with mute function
  • 3 Band EQ
  • AUX input with level control
  • Headphone out
  • Line out
  • Dimensions: 8.2 x 8 x 6.8 inch (WxDxH) 208 x 203 x 172 mm
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs

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  1. Does it keep up with a drummer?

    • Man, I guess I am just really not seeing the point of this.

    • 9lbs dude! If it can keep up with a drumset in a concrete basement, I want one! Perfect practice rig IMO.

    • A lot of times, you’ve got a 800w amp that can hold up in a large situation but when you’re rehearsing by yourself, recording in a small studio or at a quiet, more acoustic gig, you have your behemoth amp barely cranked and it’s still too loud. Or, you have a “practice amp” that sounds little more than an amplified cardboard box.

      That’s where the Double Four comes in. It’s the perfect small practice rig for home, studio use or even at an acoustic jam where you have no practical need for a giant amp.

  2. My most used rig for the past six years has been a Phil Jones Briefcase amp. It’s an amazing little amp.
    with a HUGE sound! It won’t cut it with a LOUD drummer, but otherwise its good for pretty much any gig! bet this new amp sounds great!

  3. call me old school, but nothing moves air like a 15″ speaker – except TWO 15″ speakers…not talking loudness – just moving air. 6″ speaker? I’m skeptical

  4. Really for price, power and size I would go with an Ibanez Promethean amp. I did, and am really happy with it, you the P5110:–IBAP5110.
    It weighs nothing, under thirty pounds, 250 watts of power, (500 with another cab, which I also have) detachable amp head, but it all bolts together so it acts like a combo amp, really clean well though out face to the amp, 6 band eq ect, and I do play with a heavy drummer, and yes it does keep up. so in a similar price range, and you can use it as a stage amp, and pratice, its light, I don’t know what you gain from this over the promeathean.

  5. I recently purchased a Phi Jones Briefcase amp, and it instantly became my favorite rig, for all the reasons mentioned but mainly for tonal qualities. I’ve never heard anything that sounds like it, and I get compliments on it frequently. I’ll be looking to add a Double Four soon.