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  • Rush: Working Man (Live, 1974)

    Rush: Working Man (Live, 1974)

    In April 1974, Rush took the stage at the Laura Secord Secondary School in St. Catharines. Here’s a clip of the band performing “Working Man”, which includes John Rutsey on drums (who was replaced by Neil Peart just a few months later) and Geddy Lee rocking a P-bass. The tape of this concert was found... »

  • 1975 Rush Live Recording Available as Import

    1975 Rush Live Recording Available as Import

    If you’re a Rush fan and haven’t encountered this 1975 live recording of the band in Cleveland, Ohio, you’re in luck. It’s now available as an import as Beneath, Between and Behind: F.M. Broadcast 1975. According to the site, Rush Is A Band, the show by the Canadian trio with Geddy Lee on bass and... »

  • Rush: Red Barchetta (Live)

    Rush: Red Barchetta (Live)

    Thirty-five years ago yesterday, Rush released Moving Pictures. Today, I feel old. The band shared this milestone yesterday: “In the fall of 1980, the band recorded in Le Studio in Morin Heights, Quebec. On February 12, 1981, the band’s highest selling album was released – MOVING PICTURES. The iconic album included perennial radio favourites –... »

  • 2015 Reader Favorites – #3: Geddy Lee

    2015 Reader Favorites – #3: Geddy Lee

    For fans of Geddy Lee – and Rush – 2015 had a lot to offer. The band hit the road for their R40 Tour, re-issued some of their albums on vinyl and released their R40 video. They caused us all a little panic too, with some hint the band might be calling it quits. Geddy... »

  • 1974 Rush Session Reveals Early Live Sound

    1974 Rush Session Reveals Early Live Sound

    The sound of early live Rush is available on The Lady Gone Electric, which documents a 1974 live radio broadcast of the group, playing songs from its debut album and the then soon-to-be released Fly By Night from Electric Lady Studios in New York. The event also marked the first recording featuring Neil Peart on... »

  • Rush: YYZ (R40 Live)

    Rush: YYZ (R40 Live)

    Regardless of what happens with Rush in the future, we’re lucky to have so many albums – and videos – to enjoy. From their R40 Tour this year, here’s Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart performing “YYZ” – a song I think we can all agree is one of the all-time greats. This video... »

  • The End of Rush?

    The End of Rush?

    It seems the end of an era has finally come upon us. After hinting that their recent R40 tour could very well be their last, Rush drummer Neil Peart confirmed that he is retired from music. The prog-rock hero spoke about it in a new interview with Drumhead Magazine. “Lately [my daughter] Olivia has been... »

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  • Rush Releases “R40 Live”

    Rush Releases “R40 Live”

    Two dates on Rush’s R40 concert tour have been captured as the concert film and live record R40 Live. The set, compiled from sold-out June 17 and 19 shows at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, shows the Canadian trio, featuring bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee, working backwards through its extensive catalog, from its most recent recordings to its... »

  • “JACO” Documentary and Soundtrack Available

    “JACO” Documentary and Soundtrack Available

    JACO: The Film, has finally arrived. The Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo-produced film about groundbreaking electric bassist Jaco Pastorius is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. The film can be downloaded on iTunes on Dec. 1. The soundtrack is available, too. Jaco’s influence on bass playing cannot be overstated. His work with Weather Report, solo, and... »

  • Rush: Xanadu (R40 Live)

    Rush: Xanadu (R40 Live)

    Rush hit the road this year for their “R40” tour – celebrating 40 years as a band. Each concert was a major production too: elaborate sets and the band starting with their newest work – Clockwork Angels – and moving back in time through their catalog. As they worked back, sets and equipment changed to... »