Marcelo Yakko Releases “Loop Life”

Marcelo Yakko: Loop LifeArgentine bassist Marcelo Yakko has released his fourth solo album, Loop Life.

Musically, the 15-track album reveals a musician who incorporates a wide range of his influences, from jazz fusion, to progressive rock, to more traditional Latin sounds. Conceptually, Yakko told us that the “message tries to capture the diverse moments and stages faced by the human being.”

Loop Life, which comes in a digipack version with book and a simple version, is available through Yakko’s Facebook page.

You can hear a taste of each song on the album on YouTube:

Loop Life Track List:

  1. Villa Gesell Funk
  2. Potro slavaje
  3. Carrusel
  4. Loop 98
  5. Tierra adentro
  6. Un dia en Buenos Aires
  7. Perfume de Glicina
  8. Irresistible
  9. Desafio al destino
  10. Cafe de la melancolia
  11. Jazz Tango
  12. Globos en el mar
  13. far Away
  14. Circulo de Vida
  15. Ultimo vuelo

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  1. Mike Matthews

    This sounds pretty awesome. The li’l segment of track #6 is AWESOME. Reminds me of old school Stanley. Killer musicianship, nice melodies going on here.

  2. exelent album!!

  3. Alfredo Velázquez

    A very good work from Marcelo. I enjoyed every song in this album, but my favorites ones are “Tierra adentro” and “Primavera”. CONGRATULATIONS for this awsome work!

  4. Bibiaba

    muy bueno, para recomendar!!!! es un disco impecable!

  5. Hello friends : album is available for digital download full quality – thanks! and hugs!

  6. Great musician from this part of the world, where a lot of us grew up listening fine artists like Pastorious, Clarke, Miller, and more, hoping can see them sometime…