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  • Ray’s Raving About… Kenny Werner’s “Effortless Mastery”

    Ray’s Raving About… Kenny Werner’s “Effortless Mastery”

    Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner is a book I never keep far from my reach and I recommend to EVERYONE. The subtitle to this book is “Liberating The Master Musician Within”. Although the applications of this book could benefit to any profession it is so refreshing to have something like this written by a musicians... »

  • Ask Damian Erskine: Reading Scenarios

    Q: Quick followup question to a recent No Treble column… In your article you mention reading as being a big part of being a professional musician. What types of reading scenarios are put in-front of you as a bassist? A: It really depends on the styles of music you might try and play (especially with... »

  • A Review of Rudder’s “Matorning”

    Matorning should carry a warning sticker, something like “Listening to this record while in public may make you look like a complete lunatic”. The grooves are that infectious. This is a jazz record in the widest and best sense, and it features an improvisational groove music that swings like crazy. But it features few solos... »

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  • Ray’s raving about… Konnakol

    Konnakol is the comprehensive language of rhythm which allows the composition, performance or communication of rhythms in any style. Konnakol uses syllables that are aimed at optimizing vocal performance and allow you to create seemingly endless amounts rhythms. Konnakol is something I’ve studied for many years now. Whereas Western music puts more emphasis on harmony,... »

  • Ask Damian Erskine: Playing with and around the beat

    Q: What is and how do you play behind or ahead of the beat? Is it just rushing or dragging? A: Good time is an obvious starting point. A great bass player is in control of their internal clock. You should be adept at playing dead ON the beat, pulling behind, pushing ahead and everywhere... »

  • Ask Damian Erskine: Getting Jazz

    Q: What is the best way to “get” jazz. in school, we had a ton of theory shoved at us but it really seemed disconnected. Solos still get me to this day because while theoretically sound, they sound manufactured. A: There are certain styles that one must “marry” in order to play with any authority.... »

  • The Lowdown with Dr. D.: Making the Switch from Electric to Upright (part 2 of 3)

    Last time we talked about some of the general concepts involved in making the switch from Electric to Upright Bass. It’s a fairly big subject, so we are going to continue down this road for the next several installments. As I mentioned last time, an accomplished Electric player can often pump out a line on... »

  • Ray’s raving about… Eldar Djangirov and his newest CD

    Eldar Djangirov’s CD, Virtue, has been spinning in my car for weeks now. I unfortunately had never heard of Eldar until reading a review about this new CD and when I checked it out I was instantly a fan. At first I was drawn by his amazing technique and angular lines but the deeper I... »

  • Ask Damian Erskine: Learning new styles

    Q: How did you go about learning the different styles that you get called to play? (salsa, etc.) This fits in to the whole notion of “diversification” you were discussing. A: The short answer is by accepting every gig I could, getting the book (charts) and/or CD and shedding like mad so as not to... »

  • Ray’s Raving About… NPR Music

    I am a big fan of talk radio and I especially like the programs on NPR (National Public Radio). In this “rave” I wanted to spotlight the music section on the NPR web site. NPR Music has so many cool things to offer including concerts, studio session, interviews, reviews, etc. There is something for everyone... »