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  • Gear Watch: Ansir Amico

    Ansir Music has announced the release of their new Amico line of basses. The new bass, designed based on an idea by bassist Joey Green, is available in 4, 5, 6-string, and left-handed versions. Ansir basses are custom made using the bassist’s choice of woods and customized neck angles determined from the player’s measurements and... »

  • Gear Watch: Warwick RockBass Alien

    Warwick has announced a budget version of their existing acoustic bass, the Alien. The new RockBass Alien models are available as Standard or Deluxe, 4- or 5-string, with or without frets. The Standard version features a spruce top and laminated agathis wood for its back and sides. The laminated woods increase the instrument’s stability and... »

  • Gear Watch: White Horse BP35

    The instrument and gear makers at have debuted a new bass amp in their White Horse line. The BP35 Bass Guitar Amp shares the same sound and controls as the larger White Horse amps, but in a more compact version featuring a 10” speaker. Bright and boost switches in conjunction with a 3 band... »

  • Gear Watch: Keith McMillen K-Bow for Bass

    Keith McMillen Instruments has just released a video featuring their revolutionary product, the K-Bow, on a bass. The K-Bow is a specialized bow that utilizes Bluetooth technology to transmit data to its own comprehensive suite of software on your computer. The software then manipulates different effects, tones, loops, and more to give you a fluid... »

  • Gear Watch: Ibanez SRT Basses

    Ibanez has built upon their already successful Soundgear line of basses with the new SRT models, featuring neck-thru construction to give longer sustain, brighter sound, and easier access to those higher frets than the traditional bolt-on necks. EMG 40DC pickups allow players to reproduce nearly any sound, from clean highs to dirty lows. The SRT... »

  • Gear Watch: New Markbass gear for 2010

    Markbass has announced a huge new line of amplification products for 2010, along with great new accessories to boot. All of the goods will be manufactured in Italy and available around the world starting in this Spring. Amps Markbass has added to their MoMark modular bass amp system that they introduced last year. The MoMark... »

  • Gear Watch: Schecter Raiden Special and Elite basses

    Schecter has announced the new Raiden Special and Raiden Elite basses, geared towards the “feature driven, price conscious player.” Both basses feature 34” scale and 6-bolt necks. The Raiden Special has a body of basswood with a quilted maple top and a 24 X Jumbo fret Rosewood board with a maple neck. The Special also... »

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  • Gear Watch: Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass Deluxe

    Gear Watch: Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass Deluxe

    Due to tons of requests, Tech 21 has introduced the VT Bass Deluxe, a 6-channel programmable version of their SansAmp Character Series VT Bass pedal. The pedal brings together the warmth of an all-analog signal path and the convenience of digital recall to allow players to easily dial up their favorite tones. The controls on... »

  • Gear Watch: Tech 21 Red Ripper

    The new Red Ripper Fuzz for bass from Tech 21 is more than your ordinary distortion box. It actually responds to the dynamics of your touch, so if you play harder you get more fuzz and higher harmonics, and if you play softer you get less fuzz and enhanced lower harmonics. Very nice for dynamic... »

  • Gear Watch: New affordable Zon Standard Series

    Zon Guitars has announced a new affordable line of bass guitars called the Standard Series. Featuring the Mosaic, Sonus, and Legacy models, the new basses are handcrafted in Korea to Zon’s rigid quality requirements and then inspected for finish and setup at Zon’s facility in Redwood City. “There are a lot of players out there... »