Hudson Electronics Introduces Sidecar Overdrive Pedal

Hudson Electronics SidecarHudson Electronics has announced the Sidecar, a germanium clipping overdrive based on the classic 808 circuit. The pedal also features a 2-band EQ inspired by a vintage Studer recording console.

“The front end of the Sidecar is a modified version of the classic 808 overdrive, tuned for a bigger low-end, wider gain range and greater headroom,” Husdon writes. The company adds that the NOS germanium transistor at the heart of the pedal’s clipping section offers softer response characteristics to retain player dynamics and feel. Each EQ control gives 15dB of boost or cut with the bass frequency set at 85 Hz (shelving) and the treble frequency set at 8800 Hz (shelving).

The Sidecar can be powered by a standard 9 to 24 volt DC regulated power supply with a 2.1mm negative tip barrel. Hudson suggests running the pedal at higher voltages for bass instruments for more headroom, less distortion, and less compression and sag.

The Hudson Electronics Sidecar is hand-made to order in the UK. It’s available now with a U.S. price around $269.

Hudson Electronics Sidecar Features:

High-Performance, High-Fidelity Audio Operational Amplifier
Hand selected NOS Germanium transistor
Alpha / BI potentiometers
Neutrik jack sockets
Heavy duty foot switch

For more information:
Hudson Electronics

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  1. Morgan

    Does it work weel on bass guitar?