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Barefaced Audio Introduces Eight 10 Bass Cabinet

Barefaced Audio Eight 10 Bass CabinetAfter introducing a compact 1×10 cabinet last month, Britain’s Barefaced Audio has gone the opposite direction with the Eight 10. The cab is loaded with eight 10CR250 drivers for a whopping 2000 watts of power handling, 104dB sensitivity, and a max SPL of 140dB.

Similar to the One 10, the Eight 10 features a hybrid resonator enclosure. “This mimics the transfer function of a classic sealed cab – a bump in the upper bass for that fat old school feel plus a shallow 12dB/octave roll-off through the lows for tight well controlled bottom which works well in all kinds of venues and keeps sound engineers happy,” the company writes. “The Hybrid Resonator system increases the back pressure on the drivers, reducing their excursion and improving their efficiency whilst increasing maximum bass output thanks to the extra air movement provided by the resonator.”

The Barefaced Audio Eight 10 weighs in at 79 pounds. It’s available now with a U.S. price of $2,499. Barefaced is also celebrating the launch with a limited offer of a free One 10 cabinet with the purchase of a Eight 10.

Barefaced Audio Eight 10 Bass Cabinet Specs:

Dimensions:48″ high x 24″ wide x 15.5″ deep
Weight:79 lbs
Broadband Sensitivity:104dB
Usable Frequency Range:25Hz – 6kHz
Recommended Amp Power:50-2000W RMS
Maximum Output:~137dB
Impedance:4 ohms

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