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  • Talking Style: Oh Freedom

    Talking Style: Oh Freedom

    I’ve been wanting to do some Gospel episodes but wasn’t sure where I wanted to start until now. The first song that we’ll look art is the post-Civil War spiritual, “Oh Freedom”. In particular, I’m going to show you some ideas on how to “hear the changes” , an extended Gospel-style turnaround and how you... »

  • Talking Style: Rhumba Blues

    Talking Style: Rhumba Blues

    I was back home in New Orleans recently hanging out with my mom and attending my @* year high school reunion. Where did that time go??? Yeah, that’s a tale for another time! While I was there I sat in with the Marc Stone band down on Frenchman at a club called 30/90. My buddy... »

  • Talking Style: Flavoring the 3:2 Clave

    Talking Style: Flavoring the 3:2 Clave

    In this episode we’ll continue to explore the Afro-Carribean influence on the musics that we know as Rock and Roll and R&B. I’m going to show you just a few ways that I use note length and some other “flavor packets” to spice up the 3:2 Clave and give it my own style and personality. ... »

  • Talking Style: Prince’s “Uptown”

    Talking Style: Prince’s “Uptown”

    It has now been one week since my hero passed away. Like everyone else on the planet I am still in great shock and disbelief. Even though I had another episode “in the can” and ready to go I thought that it would be most fitting to share with you the first bass line that... »

  • Talking Style: The Tresillo Rhythm

    Talking Style: The Tresillo Rhythm

    The tresillo is derived from the fundamental Latin music groove called “habenera”. It can also be thought of as a variation on the Afro-Cuban son clave. Ragtime pianist and composer Jelly Roll Morton famously called the tresillo that “Spanish tinge” that is a necessary ingredient for New Orleans jazz. The prominence of the tresillo in... »