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Victor Bailey: TecAmp Booth Bass Jam with Sekou Bunch & Andrew Lauer

Check out Victor Bailey and this impromptu jam with Sekou Bunch and Andrew “The Bullet” Lauer at the TecAmp booth during the NAMM 2010 show. Editor’s note: the original video featured here was removed by the author. Here’s a shorter clip of the same performance:

Doug Johns live at the NAMM 2010 Bass Bash

Doug Johns live at the NAMM 2010 Bass Bash

Here’s bassist Doug Johns doing another incredible performance at the 2010 Bass Bash during the NAMM show. Apparently, Doug was called up last minute to do an impromptu jam. In this clip, he starts off with his own take on Jaco’s “Continuum” before jumping into to a whole other jam (all while playing on the drum kit). Holy smokes.

Gear Watch: Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner

Boss has announced the newest version of their stompbox tuner, the TU-3 Chromatic Tuner. The pedal is an update from their TU-2 and has all the same features and then some. Built in a tough stompbox chassis, this pedal is tough. A new high-brightness meter mode allows for better visibility under bright sunlight, and it also has a 21-segment meter...

Gear Watch: Digitech JamMan Stereo and JamMan Solo Looper Pedals

Loopers rejoice! Digitech has introduced the new JamMan Solo and JamMan Stereo Looper pedals. The Stereo looper features true stereo loops as well as reverse playback, and the Solo is designed “for the guitarist or bassist looking for a full-featured looper in a compact form.” The pedals feature storage of up to 35 minutes of CD-Quality loops in 99 loops...

Pete Skjold & David Dyson NAMM jam

Bassist David Dyson and bass designer Pete Skjold held a little jam at Skjold’s booth at the 2010 NAMM show.

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Photos from the 2010 NAMM Show

We had a lot of fun at NAMM, and not a lot of sleep. We’re back at No Treble HQ and sorting through tons of information we’ve collected. Look for more coverage from us over the next week. In the meantime, here are some photos from the event: If you have NAMM photos to share, we’d love to include them....

Live from NAMM: Victor Wooten at the Hartke booth

Live from NAMM: Victor Wooten at the Hartke booth

Here is one of our two clips of Victor Wooten doing his thing at the Hartke booth at the 2010 NAMM Show. You have to see the end of this video! Check back later this week for the second Victor video.

Gear Watch: Ampeg announces new PRO NEO Series enclosures

Ampeg has introduced their brand new line of compact bass enclosures, the PRO NEO Series. The series is designed for the power of modern high-output bass heads, and come in a variety of of speaker configurations, including a 4×10″, 2×10″, and a single 15″. “Power-hungry bassists rejoice,” remarks Ampeg product manager, Zane Williams. “We’ve just built your new bass cabs—able...

Gear Watch: Fender introduces new Rumble Series combo bass amps

Fender has announced an all-new designs for their Rumble series bass amps at NAMM this week. The previous Rumble line offered a range of 15 to 100 watts. The new series extends that to 15 to 350 watts. The amps are available in 15, 30, 75, 150 and 350-watt configurations, each including the rugged Fender Special Design Speakers and easy...

Live from NAMM: Stu Hamm at Hartke

Live from NAMM: Stu Hamm at Hartke

Here’s Stu Hamm performing solo at Hartke’s booth at the 2010 NAMM show. Stu is a great guy, spending time with us after the performance and showing off his favorite new t-shirt:

Gear Watch: Peavey introduces Headliner Bass Amp

Peavey announced the Headliner, a new rack-mountable bass amp at the 2010 NAMM show. The Headliner is a 600-watt bass amplifier head with a seven-band graphic EQ. Players can use the graphic EQ in conjunction with the low and high shelving-type tone controls, or bypass the graphic EQ entirely. The amp also sports a built-in optical Compressor with level control...

Katsuji Morioka at Bass Bash: Bright Size Life

Katsuji Morioka at Bass Bash: Bright Size Life

The first night of Bass Bash at JT Schmid’s in Anaheim, CA (during NAMM 2010) was a great time. Here’s Japanese bassist Katsuji Morioka, performing Pat Metheny’s “Bright Size Life”: