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Bass Videos - Page 319

Hindi Zahra & Richard Bona: Wait in Vain

Today’s video comes from ARTE TV’s “One Shot Not” program, with Hindi Zahra and Richard Bona performing Bob Marley’s “Wait In Vain”. See more on Arte TV’s web site

Wayne Pedzwater: BS&T Bass Solo

Here’s a rare clip of Wayne Pedzwater of the 1980-81 incarnation of Blood, Sweat and Tears, doing a jamming bass solo. Wayne passed away in March of 2005 after suffering a battle with gastric cancer, but his bass playing legacy lives on on many albums in many different genres. Check out Hartke’s Wayne Pedzwater tribute site

Jean Bisello: Bach Prelude II

Some may remember Jeff Berlin doing this song as a bass/piano duet on his album “Pump it!”. In this video renowned French bass player Jean Bisello plays both parts on his bass (with a short introduction for those of you who speak French).

Jo Sallins: Salsa Tap

Jo Sallins refers to himself as “The Most Famous Unknown Musician in the World”. I don’t know if that’s true (actually, I don’t even know how that works…) but I do feel like he’s someone more people should know about. Sallins is a self-taught bassist and pianist and he has several albums out – one of which is a free...

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Doug Johns: Pocket Fulla Nasty

Rarely have I encountered anyone who can make a bass/drums duo work as convincingly as Doug Johns can. Doug has a very elaborate sense of groove and technique to match, and accompanied by drummer Chris Ceja he’s unstoppable. Behold Doug Johns and Chris Ceja playing “Funk Bomb”:

Roberto Badoglio: The last goodbye

Roberto Badoglio: The last goodbye

Here’s Italian bass player Roberto Badoglio playing his own serene composition “The last goodbye”. Roberto Badoglio has studied with some of the best bass players in the world (Matthew Garrison, Dominique Di Piazza, Skuli Sverrisson) and has recently released a new album, called Re-Evaluation-Time. For more Roberto Badoglio check out his website.

Oscar Peterson: On Danish Shore, with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen

Check out this smoking live video from 1983 of the amazing Oscar Peterson Big 4 band featuring this lineup: Piano: Oscar Peterson Guitar: Joe Pass Double Bass: Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen Drums: Martin Drew The tune is called “On Danish Shore” and starts with NHØP laying down the melody and soloing like only he could.

Wester Desamours: Hope for Haiti (Espoir pour Haiti)

Wester Desamours has posted his latest video, a nice groove called “Hope for Haiti (Espoir pour Haiti)”. Check out Wester’s album, First Step.

Victor Wooten and Jeff Berlin Jam Session

Victor Wooten and Jeff Berlin Jam Session

Two masters at work. ‘Nuff said.

Kraan & Helmut Hattler: Vollgas Ahoi (1977)

Here’s an unsung name of pick-playing bassist: Helmut Hattler. Founder of the German krautrock-turned-fusion band, Kraan, Hattler made a name for himself, in Germany especially, playing with a pick. When I think of pick-players, the first name that springs to mind is Chris Squire of the band Yes, the next name is Hattler. Here is Kraan’s tune Vollgas Ahoi (featuring...

Jeff Corallini: Avé Maria

Jeff Corallini, a bassist from France, is quite an accomplished bass player on fretted, fretless and upright basses, including 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-stringed instruments (if that’s not enough, he also plays guitar and sings). Here’s a nice little tapping/frettless arrangement of J.S. Bach’s Avé Maria. On two 7-string basses :) He has two solo CD’s out and is working...

Early Zawinul Syndicate featuring Gerald Veasley: March of the Lost Children

Here’s a live performance, recorded for German television in 1989, featuring the Zawinul Syndicate with Scott Henderson on guitar, Gerald Veasley on bass, Cornell Rochester on drums, Bill Summers on percussion, and of course, the great Joe Zawinul on keyboards. The tune is “March of the Lost Children” from the Syndicate’s first release, The Immigrants in 1988.