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  • Arild Andersen and the Snétberger Trio

    Today’s video features bassist Arild Andersen, performing with the Snétberger Trio. Ferenc Snétberger is on guitar and Paolo Vinaccia is on percussion, in this 2005 performance. »

  • Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass and Bass

    Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass and Bass

    Our very own Donovan Stokes posted this video, featuring his bass studio at Shenandoah University. The group, performing “Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass and Bass” by Christian Gentet from L’orchestre de Contrebasses (France), includes Dr. Stokes, Allegra Hale, Eric Price, Kevin Johnson, Robin Rhodes and Maya Jones. The performance gets the big No Treble stamp... »

  • Michael Manring: My Three Moons

    Michael Manring: My Three Moons

    Michael Manring held a bass workshop in Sligo, Ireland on October 2, 2009, and performed his first-ever concert in Ireland that night. Event organizer Eddie Lee shares this video with us, saying “Hi guys, thought of you when I managed to capture this gem from last week’s workshop with Michael Manring. What a wonderful musician,... »

  • Bruno Migliari Trio: Three Views of a Secret

    Today, we start something a little new… spotlighting videos posted by our friends on No Treble’s Facebook page. The first one is from bassist Bruno Migliari and his Trio, performing the Jaco Pastorius composition, Three Views of a Secret. The performance took place live at Rio Carioca jazz club in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Nice... »

  • Dan Berglund: live bass solo

    Today’s video features bassist Dan Berglund taking a solo during a performance with the Esbjörn Svensson Trio (E.S.T.) E.S.T. was a Swedish jazz trio consisting of Esbjörn Svensson on piano, Berglund on bass, and Magnus Öström on drums. This is the bass solo and intro to tune “Behind The Yashmak”, performed live at Jazz à... »

  • Stuart Clayton: solo bass jazz medley

    Another great video from Flemming’s list… this time, bassist Stuart Clayton performs a medley of jazz tunes. »

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  • Space Opera: solo bass by Aram Bedrosian

    Flemming recommended this video, featuring Aram Bedrosian performing his original solo bass piece, Space Opera. Space Opera is one of the tunes on Aram’s album: Widgets And be sure to check out more at »

  • Charnett Moffett bass solo

    Bassist Charnett Moffett shows off his versatility as a player in this video from a 2002 Vienna performance. He solos using the bow as a percussive stick against the strings and runs his upright bass through different effects. This combined with his finger plucking give one unique solo! In this video he’s playing with the... »

  • Frans Vollink, Gary Husband & Sebastiaan Cornelissen: England Green

    Bassist Frans Vollink lays down the low end for this Gary Husband tune, “England Green”. Husband is on keyboards, with Sebastiaan Cornelissen on drums. The band was recording this for Cornelissen’s solo album, Uturn. »

  • Cai Marle-Garcia: Arabiatta

    Bassist Cai Marle-Garcia has just released his new album, Mr. Ears, a couple of weeks ago (check out our previous article on this release, including a track from the album). Here’s Cai with his trio, “Miscellany”, performing Sagat Guirey’s “Arabiatta” live at the Green Note in Camden Town, London. Guirey is the guitarist, and Stuart... »