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MarloweDK: GR2 Envelope Filter Test Drive

I recently picked up the GR2 Envelope Filter from 3Leaf Audio and decided to give it a spin in front of the camera. This is a great little pedal that offers a lot of possibilities.

For the demo, my set up includes:

  • Bass: Sandberg California JJ
  • Strings: Dunlop Nickel plated Medium gauge 45 -105
  • Amp: TC Electronic RH450
  • Cab: TC Electronic RS410
  • Stompbox: 3Leaf Audio’s GR2 Envelope filter
  • Computer: MacBook
  • Soundcard: Apogee Duet
  • DAW: Logic Audio pro 8
  • Camera: Creative Vado HD 3rd generation (video only)

My vocal mic is picking up the bass, giving it more of an acoustic/roomy sound.