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Michael Manring: “Born to Be Wild” Solo Bass Performance

Filmed live at ‪the Canadian Guitar Festival in Ontario last July, Michael Manring took the stage with his headless Zon bass and some slow blues.

He eventually works up to a faster pace, leading him in to a rockin’ all-bass version of “Born to Be Wild”.

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rix says:

Why not just go out and get a strat and be done with it…What ever happened to the bass player?

JB says:

This guy wouldn’t be able to play any of that stuff if he never learned the basics. Its a solo piece man. If you want steady low end, search for “Duck Dunn” on youtube.

Matt says:

Dang for anything like this poeple always say “why do they not just go out and get a guitar”. for 1 guitar is guitar and bass is bass some people perfer to play the bass even if it is for a part meant to be played by guitar.

Matt says:

and I personally feel like I can do more with a bass than a guitar.

Ria says:

“Go out and get a strat and be done with it”!? What the hell?! You think you can do that on a guitar? Michael Manring is a complete master of bass. If you’ve not seen him play before you should get on youtube and check out his ‘Morning Star’.