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Charles Berthoud: Resurrection

Charles Berthoud builds a beautiful soundscape in this solo piccolo bass piece entitled “Resurrection.” The bassist makes the most of two-handed tapping and harmonics to create a shiny, ethereal song.

“Resurrection” is the second track from his new album Charles Berthoud: The New Age of Solo Bass, which also includes three completely solo tunes, five tunes in collaboration with Jim Stinnett and Grant Stinnett, and a note-for-note transcription of Jaco’s “Donna Lee” with a funk groove behind it.

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Lovely! If you like this piece/style of solo bass also check out Ani Zoo on YouTube. Really musical Japanese solo bass artist.

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Very nice.

Adam Mallett

Adam Mallett

Absolutely wonderful!

Mike Wade!!!!

Mike Wade!!!!