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Jaco Pastorius: Third Stone from the Sun

On December 1st, 1951, Jaco Pastorius – the man many of us consider the greatest bass player ever – was born.

“We all say it: He’s our Hendrix,” Juan Alderete said in the recently released film, JACO.

In honor of Jaco’s birthday today, we revisit a classic solo from a 1978 Weather Report concert, where Jaco quotes Hendrix and a whole lot more.

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Killer !!!


AHH Never knew this existed. Third Stone is one of my favorite Hendrix songs and seeing it on bass is perfect!



This is what bass playing will be like in the future

Eric Brewington

Happy Birthday Jaco! Thanks for the inspiration.

Kathryn Knopf

Magnificent..; we’d love ❤ to hear
Him on classical standup bass with
A whole symphony

Mark S B.

Mark S B.

Guys I didn’t know or listen to Jaco when younger, I live in the U.S.
and his music never reached me and I don’t know why , Jaco was ahead of most all bass players back then.
My first great group was Grand Funk Railroad at 16 of age, I’m sure things where and are different in other countries back then and now.
Why did he hit his bass and amp, then lay it down was he frustrated.

rOb A

That guy screaming at the end lol

Michael McGee

I get it “Third Stone.” Hendrix always needs new interpreters. Seriously great album. Loved it way back then.